Financial Network Inc. works with lenders of all sizes in a variety of industries including automotive, medical, financial, retail, environmental, real estate, small business and more. Due to our background in building fully customized origination solutions, FNI adapts easily to make industry specific changes when necessary.

Auto Lending

FNI’s car loan origination software platforms are a great fit for both Direct and Indirect Auto lending. FNI’s loan platforms can handle multiple product types with separate underwriting or decisioning criteria and can all be routed differently during the approval process. Therefore, when clients are looking for a mix of Direct and Indirect Auto lending, and often even other products, FNI’s car loan origination software is the perfect choice.

FNI interfaces with all major auto loan portals, including DealerTrack and RouteOne, and data services such as NADA and Black Book.

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Solar Lending

Having solar clients with more than 20 years in the solar industry has given FNI valuable resources to build solar-focused loan platforms. FNI understands time is valuable, so we have relationships in place with necessary vendors, such as CoreLogic, to ensure the approval process flows smoothly and necessary data elements can be used for a fast and easy approval process.

FNI supports multiple models, including those with direct lending and those that utilize multiple lenders.

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Retail Lending

One of the most important elements in the approval process for retail lending is speed. Two data centers and working with some of the largest credit card providers has given FNI the experience to offer just that: decisions in seconds.

FNI is a PCI Level 1 Provider.

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Financial Institutions

Both Banks and Credit Unions frequently struggle to find a loan origination platform that works well for them. There is often a costly investment to interface with core systems, and it is often necessary to utilize more than one loan origination option to cover different loan types. With FNI, not only can we handle all consumer loan types with one platform, but we also do it well!

FNI solutions are comprised of eight core components, including a robust strategy engine that has the ability to use a multitude of data characteristics as decisioning points.

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