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FNI Auto Loan Origination Software


COMING SOON: FNI’s Auto Accelerate Loan Origination Platform

Financial Network Inc.’s auto loan origination software platforms are a great fit for both Direct and Indirect Auto lending. FNI’s auto lending software can handle multiple product types with separate underwriting or decisioning criteria and can all be routed differently during the approval process. Therefore, when clients are looking for a mix of Direct and Indirect Auto lending, and often even other products, FNI is the perfect choice for auto loan origination.

FNI has been building custom loan origination platforms for over 30 years. Those platforms included small business, retail, point of sale, solar, and auto. Auto lenders began reaching out to FNI with their current process, as well as their complaints about existing underperforming platforms. Year after year, FNI listened to frustrated prospects vent about outgrowing their platform after having spent a large investment to implement it.

FNI has always had the experience of building custom built solutions, but not everyone wanted to start from scratch. Customers thought “custom” would equate to costly. When given a blank canvas, some didn’t know where to start. That’s when FNI utilized the experience in building these solutions to put together a customizable loan origination solution.

When the subprime auto business started to rapidly grow yet also rapidly change, FNI had an idea to build a base platform that could handle every auto lender’s needs while offering the ability to grow and change quickly.

FNI’s auto loan origination software platform includes the following:

  • Integrations with NADA, Black Book, and KBB
  • Integrated SMS capabilities
  • New, Improved Funding Screens
  • Easily handles both Direct and Indirect Lending
  • Integrations with Auto Check, E-Fax
  • Unmatched, Robust Strategy Engine
  • Ability to implement unlimited Scorecards
  • Improved Dealer Portal
  • Customer login screens with document upload capabilities
  • New, Improved integration channels with Route One and Dealertrack
  • Ability to handle broker models, including multiple approvals at once
  • New Third Party data services
  • New, improved stipulations and stip management
  • Scripting
  • E-Signature
  • Application Notification

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