Loan Origination Software for Financial Institutions

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Loan Origination Software for Financial Institutions

Although they are institutions built on lending, many banks and credit unions frequently struggle to find a loan origination platform that works well for them. A successful platform often means undertaking the costly investment required to interface with core systems. Since these institutions have many products and multiple loan types, they sometimes utilize many loan origination platforms to cover them. However, FNI has the ability to handle multiple loans types or lines of business within one platform.

For more than 30 years, FNI has been building custom and semi-custom loan origination platforms for the lending industry. In those years of experience we have learned that customers interested in loan origination software platforms don’t want the same solution as their competitors. We strive to provide something better; something customized to their situation and built with the purpose of helping them succeed.

By customizing a loan origination platform focused on the bank or credit union’s specific needs, FNI can eliminate the need for multiple platforms, providing one, more effective solution. All of FNI’s loan origination platforms are comprised of one or more of eight core components:

  • Web Application Capture – Allowing you to capture info from customers and lenders in an easy-to-use web application.
  • Strategy Engine – Gives you the info you need to create an effective credit policy.
  • Bureaus & Scorecards – We support all products from all major credit bureaus.
  • Third Party Services – Check out our Third Party Integrations.
  • Workflow & Queuing – Create a workflow unique to your business including new user roles, custom application statuses, & multi-level signoff.
  • Credit Workbench – The FNI Credit Workbench puts the data you need right at your fingertips.
  • Client Integration – Integration with core processing environments, application feeds, accessing customer relationship data during decisions, adverse action processing, and application booking are just a few ways that an FNI solution can be tied to your current enterprise.
  • Reporting – We have options to fit all of our customers’ analytical needs.

Don’t be forced to make an out-of-box solution work for your business. Choose FNI to get your perfect solution for success within your financial institution.

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