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The FNI Value Proposition

Our solutions deliver what is promised; speed to market, utilization and customization of components, implementation by our team - the most experienced talent the industry has to offer.

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Loan Origination Software and Systems

Financial Network, Inc. (FNI) provides customized Loan Origination services.  We operate in a variety of industries, and have been powering the credit lending process for over 30 years.  We offer a complete end-to-end credit origination and decisioning solutions for banks, credit unions, auto lenders, and other finance institutions.  FNI utilizes our framework of proven credit origination components to create a unique lending platform for each of our customers.

By utilizing our component-based architecture, our team of experts can create Loan Origination Software and Systems that are as unique as your enterprise.  The flexibility to be 10% or 100% of your lending process, has earned FNI the reputation of delivering better, faster credit decisions tailored to our customers.

FNI Component Architecture

Keep your Lending Process Unique

The focus of the implementation process for an FNI solution is to bring your desired workflow to life.  Our standard components are the product of 30-years of building long-lasting custom solutions.  FNI’s robust solution components have the ability to be customized by design, allowing our platforms to fit your organization.  From small details such as custom fields, to larger elements your credit policy structure, our platforms continue to evolve to new levels with each new customer. 


Varying Levels of Customization for a Tailored Solution

For loan origination models that require little or no customization, we rely on our Turnkey solution. For those customers that require more flexibility or have more specific loan scenarios requiring additional customization, we have an expanded version of Turnkey called Turnkey Plus.  Our fully custom offerings are able to meet the needs of clients with highly innovative processes or exceedingly unique challenges.

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