FNI loan origination solutions are implemented from our set of core components. FNI utilizes a flexible implementation process. This ensures that the solution is targeted to the existing need yet ready to expand for future needs.

The FNI Turnkey Platform can be implemented in many ways to meet your needs: either a portion of your process or a full end-to-end solution. Maximum flexibility allows our customers to maximize their existing investment and keep what works!

FNI allows for a diverse set of options when capturing an application. It starts with a responsive credit application containing the fields and flow unique to your products. This application looks modern and intuitive on a desktop yet also scales down to capture the growing mobile segment.

Many origination solutions require multiple application pages targeted to many channels. For those scenarios, FNI has a unique content management platform that allows for the rapid creation of new application pages that are branded exactly as you want.

FNI has been the power behind many innovative custom approaches as well. Tablet-based applications that execute unique and innovative workflows is just one more way that FNI has been a powerful partner in new customer acquisition.

If your infrastructure already includes application capture, FNI also has an API to handle application interaction.

The FNI Strategy Engine was designed to enable the complex automated lending scenarios demanded by the world’s most analytical lending operations. Client-managed rules allow for the right mix of automated decisioning: fully automated, fully manual, or a mix of both. The Strategy Engine puts all of the application data and all of the bureau information directly into your hands as you implement credit policy.

FNI clients gain all of this decision power yet do not sacrifice speed. Our decisions are exceptionally fast and have powered instant decision processes through the country.

FNI is fully integrated with all major credit bureaus and maintains redundant connectivity to each. All products from all bureaus are supported.

Custom segments or scores can be collected from the bureau and used in credit policy. FNI can even implement custom scores within the platform itself, providing ultimate control over the scoring process.

FNI is continuously increasing the power and flexibility of our system by integrating new third-party functionality. Fraud scoring, title searches, and e-signatures are among the ways that FNI has leveraged the most innovative data services available.

FNI works with a variety of third parties to ensure that your loan origination solution performs to meet your business goals and your industry’s customer needs. For a full list of our existing services, please visit our Value Added Services page.

Your origination workflow is as unique as your business. FNI is able to create a workflow during implementation that enables the processes you need. User roles, multi-level signoff, and custom application statuses are all included.

The FNI Credit Workbench puts the data you need right at your fingertips. Accessible for reviewing applications or making decisions, role based permissions allow you to further customize your decision process. Throughout it all, a robust audit trail tracks access to sensitive data.

Our template-driven architecture allows our implementation team to rapidly adjust our workbench environment to meet your lending needs.

A successful loan origination platform cannot operate in a vacuum. With the functionality to integrate into client systems at any point in the process, an FNI loan origination solution can maximize existing investments. With virtually limitless ways to integrate, FNI enables our clients to reap the benefit of their decision data. Integration with core processing environments, application feeds, accessing customer relationship data during decisions, adverse action processing, and application booking are just a few ways that an FNI solution can be tied to your current enterprise.

Reporting needs vary by customer, and FNI has options to fit. For those with deep analytical needs, FNI provides detailed nightly feeds of application processing data. Summary level reports are designed per-customer to provide the higher-level information necessary to run a business.