“Our company chose FNI due to their deep consumer credit expertise, which allowed us to build a highly configurable institutional platform without a large upfront capital investment. The FNI team worked side-by-side with our team through every step to quickly react to new opportunities that have helped us grow our business. Their service and dedication to the customer speaks for itself.”

Anonymous, CEO, Solar Lending Customer

“Working with Financial Network Inc. has enabled our organization to stay ahead of the competition in a fast-paced, rapidly changing marketplace for over twenty years. Their creativity when faced with complex challenges and expeditious approach to meeting project deadlines makes them an outstanding partner.”

Heather Sellitti, Risk Manager, Tidewater Finance Company

“Rarely have I encountered a company with as much professionalism, as many knowledgeable employees, or with the unwavering commitment offered by FNI. In my nearly ten years in the industry, I have yet to meet their match in customer service. Once I began working with Melanie and her team, it was obvious right away that they wouldn’t stop until our product was perfect. Not once in our development have I met a question that couldn’t be answered, or a change that couldn’t be made. As a small sub-prime lender, it is important to us that each application is checked accurately and fairly. The custom-built LOS makes sure this happens every time. In addition to being a helpful training tool for our employees, the LOS system also ensures compliance with industry standards and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The system is easily edited when changes are needed, it is user-friendly, and it limits the time an application must be reviewed. This allows us to efficiently make a decision on an application and quickly return that information to our dealers. Whitestone Financial would proudly recommend this product to anyone looking to shorten the time spent reviewing applications or ensuring that each one is looked at in a non-discriminatory, fair manner.”

Krystal Lee, Controller, Whitestone Financial

“At College Ave Student Loans, our goal is to provide our customers a best-in-class experience, and we recognize that the student loan process is inherently more complex than most other financial products. Several members of the team at College Ave had positive experiences working with FNI in the past, so FNI was on our radar from the very beginning. Ultimately their dedicated support, agility, and ability to provide a custom solution for our unique needs set them apart. As a financial services company, we also appreciate that they provide these services without ever compromising on security. That’s critical for us and our customers. “

Tim Staley, College Ave.

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